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Top 5 Quartz Kitchen Countertops in India

Updated: 5 days ago

Top 5 Quartz Countertops in India: Relay Stone
Top 5 Quartz Countertops in India

Quartz countertops are a stunning and durable option for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of any kitchen. Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces that offer a beautiful alternative to natural stone.

One of the key advantages of quartz countertops is their durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat, making them ideal for busy kitchens.

Quartz countertops are also highly versatile and can be used for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, islands, and bathroom vanities, offering a cohesive look throughout the home. Their durability, low maintenance requirements, and stunning aesthetics make quartz countertops the perfect choice for homeowners looking to create a timeless and stylish kitchen space.

Explore the list of top Quartz Kitchen Countertops Brands that are setting trends across India:

  1. Relay Stone (Premium Quartz)

  2. Caesarstone

  3. Sile Stone

  4. Quantra Quartz

  5. Kalinga Stone

  6. AGL Quartz

  7. Haique Quartz

  8. Specta Quartz

  9. Corian Quartz

  10. Camrola Quartz

Relay Stone (Premium Quartz)

Relay Stone stands out as one of the premier quartz countertop brands in India, known for its impeccable quality tailored specifically for Indian kitchens. Offering a thickness of 18MM, which is a top preference among architects, it's no wonder that it's in such high demand. With an extensive array of designs and patterns to choose from, Relay Stone ensures there's something for every taste and style. What sets this brand apart is not just its superior products, but also its stellar reputation built on word-of-mouth recommendations and exceptional customer service.


Meet Caesarstone Ltd., your go-to source for stunning quartz surfaces that elevate your kitchen countertops, vanity tops, floors, walls, and all things interior design! Founded in 1987, this company brings a touch of magic to homes everywhere. Plus, it's publicly traded on the NASDAQ in New York, making it a household name in both style and reliability. (Source: Wikipedia)


Silestone is a high-quality mineral surface made from a blend of top-tier minerals and recycled materials. Thanks to its groundbreaking Hybriq+® technology, it manages to significantly lower its crystalline silica content, making it both innovative and eco-friendly while still maintaining top-notch performance.

With a strong presence in the industry for more than three decades, Silestone continues to be a driving force behind kitchen, bathroom, and home surface designs, inspiring creativity and excellence in every project.

Quantra Quartz

Quantra Quartz is brought to you by a consortium of companies with a rich history spanning three decades, deeply rooted in two global industries: fashion and natural stone.

This unique blend of expertise serves as the ideal platform for crafting the most durable and aesthetically pleasing quartz surfaces worldwide. Leveraging our design proficiency, we offer an exquisite range of surfaces meticulously developed in our design laboratory. Moreover, drawing from our profound understanding of natural stone, our quartz not only inherits the finest properties of stone but also transcends them, promising unparalleled quality and beauty.

Kalinga Stone Quartz

Kalinga Stone, established in 2009, stands at the forefront as India's premier manufacturer of engineered Marble, Terrazzo, and Quartz. Boasting an extensive palette of over 200 colors and a myriad of designs, its collection serves as a remarkable testament to style and sophistication.

Engineered stone, a fusion of crushed stone, is meticulously crafted to perfection, with each slab designed to enhance living spaces. Whether utilized indoors or outdoors, KalingaStone has revolutionized the market with its avant-garde designs, reshaping the landscape of design aesthetics.

AGL Quartz

Transform your living spaces with the opulent quartz stones from AGL, imparting a lavish touch to your abode. Opt for premium-quality products to add a touch of sophistication to your interiors. Available in a multitude of sizes, our quartz options seamlessly blend into your flooring.

AGL is committed to producing top-tier products utilizing state-of-the-art technology, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. With an emphasis on excellence and innovation, AGL ensure to enhance the ambiance of your space. Explore our extensive range of floor tiles alongside our quartz collection to discover the perfect complement for your home!

Haique Quartz

Haique stands as the pioneering fashion label for Quartz Surfaces worldwide. Drawing inspiration from dynamic global cultures, color trends, and lifestyle preferences, Haique crafts premium quartz surfaces tailored to a variety of tastes and aesthetics. Engineered by Haique, these Quartz Surfaces boast the world's largest seamless slabs. Infused with captivating designs, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns, Haique's quartz surfaces are meticulously crafted to elevate your living spaces to new heights.

Specta Quartz

Specta embodies the harmonious fusion of creativity, cutting-edge technology, and natural elements. Born from the synergy of world-renowned Breton technology, decades of manufacturing expertise from the ARL Group, and collaboration with industry-leading innovators, Specta brings forth innovative concepts for Engineered Quartz Stone Surfaces.

Corian Quartz

Corian® Quartz (previously known as Zodiaq® Quartz) emerged as one of the earliest quartz surfaces available, debuting in 2000. Crafted with genuine quartz crystals, Corian® Design's quartz countertops seamlessly blend the beauty of nature with the precision of science, offering you the perfect fusion for your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.

Camrola Quartz

Camrola Quartz Ltd assures timeless beauty for your homes, blending cutting-edge technology with stylish design to create products that captivate owners and enchant guests. Situated in Himatnagar, the Ceramic Capital of India, their factory boasts state-of-the-art technology, backed by experienced management poised to elevate the company, its products, and its brand to unparalleled recognition.

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