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Relay Stone Quartz Countertop-FAQ

Relay Stone Best Quartz

Below, we've provided some commonly asked questions that are essential for you to be aware of. Familiarizing yourself with these will empower you to make well-informed decisions and contribute to the creation of a remarkable masterpiece. Feel free to reach out to us with any additional inquiries, and we'll be delighted to offer our assistance.

Frequently Asked Question on Quartz Countertops

What is the best brand of quartz countertop?

Relay Stone Quartz is considered as the best quartz countertop brand in India. As Relay Stone, passed all the tests like Heat Resistant, Stain Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Durability test and many more with high grades. That is why Relay Stone is approved by Indian Association of Interior Designing and Architecture (IAIDA) and believed to be the most trust worthy quartz countertop brand in India as well as abroad.

Why is Relay Stone considered as the best quartz countertop among all?

Relay Stone Quartz countertop gains its fame from words of mouth. Every buyer creates a new customer by giving positive feedback of Relay Stone Quartz. This built the trust about the brand among the customers. When a customer buys a Relay Stone Quartz slab in a flat, we have organic order from the same society just because of word of mouth and performance experience as delivered by the initial user of Relay Stone Quartz. Also Relay Stone Quartz is made from latest technology and high-grade materials make it heat resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant quartz.

What makes Relay Stone Quartz Countertops special compared to other brands?

Relay Stone Quartz is not only a brand; it's an emotion. Every customer who comes to buy Relay Stone Quartz slabs has a story—how they came to know about Relay Stone or why they want to buy it. Some say their neighbor gave awesome feedback, others say their architect guaranteed Relay Stone's quality, and many have different reasons. Secondly, Relay Stone Quartz consistently works on customer feedback, making Relay Stone Quartz slabs the heart of every housewife's dream kitchen

What is the best grade of quartz countertops?

Grade of Quartz countertops refers to the quality of quartz. When producing quartz, it is categorized into Premium (First Grade) and Commercial grades. Relay Stone stands out as the only quartz brand with a significantly high proportion of premium quartz slabs in comparison to almost no commercial ones.

What are the 3 grades of quartz?

Quartz countertop grades indicate the quality of the quartz used. The 3 grades are First Grade (Premium), Commercial and Second. While choosing quartz of any brand for self use like for home kitchen or dining table always priorities to buy Premium one. Make sure to buy the quartz from authorized dealer or distributor. 

How do I choose a quartz brand?

Many factor involves in it like budget, quality, designs and size also. Always try to buy quartz countertop of renowned brand like Relay Stone - The best Quartz Countertops

Which quartz brand is most expensive?

It is totally depend on the budget of the buyer. Caesar stone Quartz has range of 1800/- per sqft but it is also in huge demand. Relay Stone Quartz countertop covers a lot of range and designs that fits to the budget of every buyers. Relay Stone Quartz is the perfect combination of affordability, durability and design range that attracts the customer to buy in first impression. 

Is one brand of quartz better than another?

Yes, it is true. Every brand has the strategy to sell the product. Some brand compromise the quality but make it affordable so that they can cater lower budget customers. While some focus on the quality. Relay Stone is the only brand who has the primary focus on quality so that they can give good experience to the buyers. But it doesn't mean that they are expensive. Relay Stone has high tech machines with huge production, skilled team and purchase the raw materials from well suppliers. This makes their production cost low without compromising the quality.

Does brand matter for quartz countertops?

Yes, brand matters. Brand name refers to the quality and trust among the people. Brand name reflects the identity of the company, quality and consumer's experience. Relay Stone Quartz has organic customers raised from words of mouth only.

Which quartz is best for kitchen?

Brand that fits to the expectations of buyer is best brand. Brand that meets the requirement like budget friendly, low maintenance, good by designs or highly durable. Relay Stone Quartz always priorities these requirement so that it will be always apricated by the consumer.

Which quartz is better Relay Stone, AGL or Kalinga?

All these are good brands and customers have trust on them. AGL Quartz fits to the budget but have a little maintenance. Kalinga Stone is good but doesn't have innovation in designs. While Relay Stone Quartz stands top in rank as it has number of good designs, very excellent quality, high tech machines and works on customer's feedback.

What is the price of Relay Stone quartz?

The price of Relay Stone Quartz designed in such a way that it may suits to expectations of every customer. Some are basic designs but quality will be the same best as of premium range. Some designs are so extraordinary that requires more expertise and techniques. Relay Stone Quartz is the perfect combo of designs, quality and affordability make it first choice for Kitchen Countertop. Price range varies from Rs 400/- to Rs 3500/- as an MRP.

Is quartz made in India good quality?

You will be strange to know that India is a huge exporter of Quartz. Relay Stone is the leading exporter of Quartz Countertops. In USA, Relay Stone is the brand of high reputation and big dealer network. Designs and Quality of Relay Stone Quartz in countries like USA, Canada, France are in huge demand. We have availability of raw material that make it more cost effective and manufacturing plant with high tech machines sourced from top countries like USA and machines likes Breton and Neo Bed Vibration Technology. All these factors, make Indian Quartz as the best quartz manufacturer country in the world.

What thickness of quartz is best?

Quartz countertop slabs comes in 30MM, 20MM, 18MM and 15MM. As per domestic point of view, 18MM is the perfect thickness for Kitchen Countertops. For complete guide, read our blog.

Why is 18mm thickness of quartz countertops considered to be the best?

Because Kitchen Manufacturer makes kitchen by considering 18MM as the thickness of Countertop. Secondly, a protection board of 18MM is placed over the cabinet on which the countertop will be installed is also of 18MM. If thickness will be 20MM, the stone installer will put 2MM packing between board and stone that make the stone hollow and has chances to broke. 15MM thickness has chances to broke due to low thickness and creates bad impression of front molding look. Customers are pushed to by 20MM due to unavailability of 18MM thickness in other brands. Read our blog.

How can you tell if quartz is high-quality?

Quartz that have the properties of Heat Resistance, Stain Resistant, Scratch Resistant and have high durability considered as the best quartz. Relay Stone Quartz countertop qualify these whole properties.

Which quartz is better?

Quartz countertops with attributes such as heat resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, and high durability are regarded as top-tier. Relay Stone Quartz countertops meet all these criteria.

What is the most popular quartz color for 2024?

By considering the high demand of quartz and need of new designs, Relay Stone has introduced new innovative designs. These designs are finalized by the top 10 architects and interior of India. Relay Stone always works ahead on innovation and creativity that makes it the most specials quartz company. You can see it on official website.

What is low quality quartz?

Quartz countertops  that doesn't meet with attributes such as heat resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, and high durability are regarded as low grade or quality.

What to look for when buying quartz countertops?

Before buying quartz, must confirm if quartz meets featuring qualities like resistance to heat, stains, and scratches, along with high durability, are considered top-notch. Thickness must be 18MM. Also prefer to buy from authorized dealer. Relay Stone Quartz countertops fulfill all these criteria.

What are the disadvantages of quartz?

There is no disadvantage of quartz. Quartz must fulfill the properties like resistance to heat, stains, and scratches, along with high durability. It is totally interior product. Quartz of good brands like Relay Stone has no disadvantage.

What are the advantages of quartz?

Quartz is full body product. Comes in various designs and colors. Colors of quartz meets the theme of house or other interior project. Easily available. Enhance the look of quartz. Quartz also meet all the features like resistance to heat, stains, and scratches, along with high durability, are considered top-notch. 

Best quartz countertops brand in India: Relay Stone?

Relay Stone Quartz stands out as the premier quartz countertop brand in India. Having successfully undergone rigorous assessments such as heat resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, durability tests, and more, Relay Stone has received top grades. This recognition is further solidified by approval from the Indian Association of Interior Designing and Architecture (IAIDA), establishing Relay Stone as the most reliable quartz countertop brand not only in India but also internationally.

Which Color quartz is best?

It depends on the theme of the project. Also depends on the choice of the user. It's better to consult with the interior designer while choosing the color of quartz countertop. Relay Stone has a lot of quartz slab options. Browse here. 

Should I get 2cm, 3cm or 18mm quartz countertop?

18MM is the standard thickness for kitchen countertops. Kitchen manufacturers design kitchens with a countertop thickness of 18MM. Additionally, a protection board of 18MM is installed over the cabinet where the countertop will be placed. Opting for a 20MM thickness poses challenges, as stone installers may insert 2MM packing between the board and the stone, resulting in a potentially hollow and fragile structure. On the other hand, a 15MM thickness increases the risk of breakage and compromises the aesthetic appeal of the front molding. Customers often choose 20MM due to the lack of availability of 18MM thickness in other brands. For more information, read blog.

Is 2cm quartz strong enough for kitchen?

The strength of quartz is not determined by the thickness of the quartz or the stone. It depends on how it is installed or the brand of quartz etc. Selecting for a 20MM thickness poses challenges, as stone installers may insert 2MM packing between the board and the stone, resulting in a potentially hollow and fragile structure. Prefer 18MM thickness instead.

Does 18mm quartz need plywood?

While installing quartz of any thickness, it is advisable to put a protection ply board as a base. 18MM quartz and 18MM ply provides the perfect structure to the countertops.

How thick are quartz countertops?

Kitchen manufacturers typically craft kitchens with a countertop thickness of 18MM. A corresponding protection board of the same thickness is placed over the cabinet for the countertop installation. However, opting for a 20MM thickness presents challenges as stone installers may introduce 2MM packing between the board and the stone, potentially creating a fragile and hollow structure. Conversely, a 15MM thickness raises the risk of breakage and compromises the visual appeal of the front molding. The preference for 20MM often arises due to the limited availability of the 18MM thickness in other brands. Prefer 18MM thickness for countertops. Read more on thickness.

Is quartz weaker than granite?

A lot of factor involves in this context. Quartz is considered to be the hardest substance. Granite though is also strong but sometimes have inherent cracks. Low budget quartz or without brand quartz are generally weaker due to low percentage of quartz. Always prefer to bur branded quartz like Relay Stone that has high percentage of quartz.

Granite vs. Quartz: Best Countertop?

Granite and quartz both are good countertops for kitchen. Before quartz, architects were limited in designing due limited color available in granite. Also almost all the granites come in dark colors. But today, light colors are in demand that fulfil the need of theme of kitchen with the cabinets or walls. Secondly, yearly consumption of granite creates environment disbalance and tiny pin holes may cause fungal infection. Quartz leads over granite in recent time.

Can I put a hot pan on quartz?

You can put but it need to be clean and ask for some maintenance. Prefer to use hot pads or safety board.

Do people prefer quartz or granite?

Currently quartz is in huge demand and people prefer quartz over granite. Granite and quartz are both great for kitchen countertops. Unlike granite, quartz provides a broader color range, catering to the current demand for lighter tones that match kitchen themes. Granite's yearly consumption impacts the environment, and its pinholes may pose hygiene concerns. Quartz has become a preferred choice due to its design flexibility and eco-friendly features.

Is granite prettier than quartz?

It is complex to say which is prettier. But quartz, from last 5 years and coming 15 years will be in huge demand. Granite and quartz are popular kitchen countertop choices. However, quartz offers more color options, especially lighter tones in demand. Quartz is favored for design flexibility and eco-friendliness.

What is the rate of quartz countertops per square foot in India?

It depends on the brand you choose. All brands have different customer range to cater and upon that price range varies

Is quartz expensive in India?

Surprisingly, India is a major exporter of Quartz, with Relay Stone being the foremost Quartz Countertop exporter. The designs and quality of Relay Stone Quartz are greatly sought after in countries such as the USA, Canada, and France. The availability of cost-effective raw materials, coupled with a cutting-edge manufacturing plant equipped with top-tier machines like Breton and Neo Bed Vibration Technology sourced from leading countries like the USA, positions India as the world's premier manufacturer of Quartz. So, quartz is not much expensive in India.

What is the most popular type of quartz?

When a quartz brand meets the expectations of a customer will be a popular quartz. Relay Stone quartz has a lot of shades which are unique and most popular. Like Frosty gold, Frosty dark, Aurika, Jasmine white are always the first choice of architects and interior designers. Relay Stone is the most popular quartz brand from last 5 years and will try to remain for next 15 years.

Is quartz a luxury countertop?

Yes, quartz is a luxury product. Quartz epitomizes luxury countertops, offering exquisite designs, durability, and minimal upkeep. Its versatile aesthetics and enduring appeal make it a premium choice in modern interior design. 

What are the 4 colors of quartz?

Quartz boasts luxury in four prominent hues: pristine white, subtle beige, sleek grey, and rich brown, offering a diverse palette for sophisticated and customized interior designs.

What is the strongest type of quartz?

Among quartz countertops, engineered quartz with high quartz content (around 90-95%) is renowned for strength. Leading brand like Relay Stone Quartz,  Silestone Quartz, Caesarstone Quartz, and Cambria produce durable surfaces, resistant to scratches, stains, and impact, making them exceptionally robust choices.

Is quartz stain resistant or stain proof?

Quartz countertops of good quality and good brands are always stain proof and stain resistant. Relay Stone Quartz countertop focus on the quality while manufacturing makes it stain proof and stain resistant quartz that cleans on single wipe.

Is quartz heat resistant?

High-quality quartz countertops from reputable brands consistently demonstrate heat resistance. Relay Stone Quartz countertops prioritize quality during manufacturing to ensure their surfaces are resilient to heat.

Is quartz scratch resistant?

High-quality quartz countertops from reputable brands consistently exhibit scratch resistance. Relay Stone Quartz countertops prioritize quality during manufacturing to ensure their surfaces are resilient to scratches.

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