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Best | Top Quartz Countertop Exporter |Manufacturer in India 2023-2024 | Architect's First Choice

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Relay Stone

From durability to customization, Relay Stone Quartz stands tall as the unrivaled champion of stone surfaces.

Relay Stone Quartz stands out as a prominent player in the Quartz Industry, catering to both domestic and international markets. Distinguished as the exclusive Quartz Stone brand offering an 18mm thickness-a quality aligning with international countertop standards. Noteworthy for its scratch resistance, heat resistance, and the ability to provide a consistent quartz surface, Relay Stone Quartz is the preferred choice for modular kitchen manufacturers and suppliers, including well-known names like Godrej Interio, Home Lane, Livspace, and others. From its durability to customizable features, Relay Stone Quartz emerges as the unparalleled leader in stone surfaces. While alternative quartz brands like Kalinga Stone, CaesarStone, Quantra Quartz, etc., are available, Relay Stone Quartz Surfaces surpasses them, securing its position as a superior choice among quartz surfaces and granite options.

The Top and Best Quartz Countertop Manufacturer and exporter in India

The Top and Best Quartz Countertop Manufacturer and exporter in India

Relay Stone Quartz, Msi Quartz, Kalinga Stone, AGL Quartz, Haique Quartz, Specta Quartz, Quantra Quartz

These quartz companies are huge manufacturer and exporter in India. Relay Stone Quartz and Msi Quartz are really the big competitor for the quartz manufacturer outside the country. Quality and designs of relay stone quartz and Msi quartz are so excellent and unique that other quartz competitor fail to achieve. Kalinga Stone quartz is the plant who have technique to make quartz from blocks. They are basically called "composite" . These are generally affordable and best suitable for floor and wall cladding. Haique quartz has installed new plant a few a year ago. As its plant is new, haique is adopted with latest technology and machinery. As a result, it has huge manufacturing capacity and listed as huge exporter in quartz in India. AGL Quartz is basically known for domestic supplier as it has huge quartz dealer network. It has a very big manufacturing plant and most experienced in quartz industries. Specta Quartz has also good manufacturing plant. They use robotic machinery which is considered as best. It makes this quartz brand to be in demand outside the country. Quantra Quartz is one of the most expensive plant in India. This is the plant based on Breton Technology. Quantra Quartz has primary focus on exporting the material.

Relay Stone Quartz emerges as a symbol of outstanding quality in the domain of quartz stone surfaces, establishing a fresh benchmark with its remarkable thickness of 18mm. Crafted to endure the rigors of daily usage, this quartz not only ensures long-lasting durability but also exudes timeless sophistication. Offering a diverse range of colors and textures, Relay Stone Quartz goes beyond the ordinary, finding its application in various settings, from kitchen countertops to elevator lobbies and more.

What is Quartz Countertop? What are quartz's benefits, price and properties?

What is Quartz Countertop? What are quartz's benefits, price and properties?

Quartz countertops are a type of engineered stone surface used in kitchens countertop, bathrooms vanity top, dining table top, UPVC framing, stairs, lift lobby elevation. Quartz are made from a combination of natural quartz crystals and resins, along with pigments for coloration. It involves crushing natural quartz crystals into a fine powder, mixing it with resins to create a durable and non-porous material. This mixture is then molded into slabs, which are later cut into the desired countertop dimensions. With Relay Stone Quartz, your creativity knows no bounds. There are also so many quartz brands exist in India. These quartz have all different price range as follows:-

Prices of Quartz Brands in India:-

Price of Relay Stone Quartz in India is Rs 500/- to 3500/- per sqft as MRP

Price of Caesarstone in India is Rs 1550/- to 4850/- per sqft as MRP

Price of Kalinga Stone Quartz in India is Rs 600/- to 1500/- per sqft as MRP

Price of Hafele Terra Quartz in India is Rs 1325/- to 2450/- per sqft as MRP

Price of AGL Quartz in India is Rs 500/- to 900/- per sqft as MRP

Price of Haique Quartz in India is Rs 660/- to 1500/- per sqft as MRP

Price of Haique Quartz in India is Rs 700/- to 1550/- per sqft as MRP

Benefits & Properties of Quartz:-

  1. Durability of Quartz: Quartz is known for its hardness and durability, making it resistant to scratches and chips.

  2. Low Maintenance: Unlike natural stones like granite or marble, quartz countertops are non-porous, making them resistant to stains and easy to clean.

  3. Consistent Appearance: Since quartz countertops are engineered, they have a more uniform appearance compared to natural stones. This can be appealing for those who prefer a consistent pattern and color.

  4. Variety of Colors and Patterns: Manufacturers can produce quartz countertops in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit different design preferences.

Relay Stone Quartz with respect to other quartz brands in India:-

CaesarStone Quartz: Durable, stylish, and eco-friendly, CaesarStone offers a wide range of colors and patterns for versatile applications.

Quantra Quartz: Renowned for its durability, Quantra Quartz offers a vast array of colors, making it a versatile choice.

Silestone Quartz: Known for its innovative designs and eco-friendly practices, Silestone offers a variety of stunning quartz countertops.

Camrolla Quartz: Engineered for resilience, Camrolla offers a diverse range of colors and patterns for both residential and commercial spaces.

Kalinga Stone: Offers a variety of quartz surfaces, combining elegance with durability for a wide range of applications.

Johnson Quartz: Combining durability with stunning aesthetics, its range is a popular middle income households in India.

AGL Quartz: Offers timeless designs and advanced technology, making it a reliable choice for elegant countertops. However, it is an economical quartz prone to stain and cracks.

Corian Quartz: A trusted brand offering a variety of quartz surfaces catering to local preferences.

Specta Quartz: Known for its quality and durability, Specta Quartz offers a range of quartz countertops suitable for various applications.

Properties and Benefits of Relay Stone Quartz Countertop?

Properties and Benefits of Relay Stone Quartz Countertop?

Relay Stone Quartz countertop offers a variety of benefits, making this quartz brand a popular choice for homeowners, modular kitchen manufacturer and interior designers. Here are some of the key advantages of quartz countertops:

  1. Durability: Relay Stone Quartz is a very hard and durable material, making countertops resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks. It is one of the hardest minerals on Earth.

  2. Low Maintenance: Unlike natural stones such as granite or marble, Relay Stone quartz countertops are non-porous. This means Relay Stone Quartz are resistant to stains and do not require sealing. These quartz are easy to clean with mild soap and water.

  3. Consistent Appearance: Since quartz is an engineered stone, it is produced with a consistent pattern and color. This can be appealing for those who prefer a uniform and predictable look in their countertops. Relay Stone Quartz is most reliable in this context.

  4. Wide Range of Colors and Patterns: Manufacturers can create quartz countertops in a variety of colors and patterns, providing flexibility to match different design preferences and styles. Relay Stone Quartz is known for its unique designs and expertise in innovations.

  5. Hygienic: The non-porous nature of quartz makes it resistant to bacteria and mold growth. This feature contributes to a more hygienic surface, particularly in kitchen and bathroom environments. Relay Stone Quartz has expert technology to make quartz slab germ free.

  6. Resistance to Chemicals: Relay Stone Quartz countertops are generally resistant to household chemicals, acids, and solvents, reducing the risk of damage from common kitchen and bathroom substances.

  7. Uniform Thickness: Relay Stone Quartz countertops are manufactured in consistent thickness, making them easier to install compared to natural stone surfaces. This uniformity also allows for more straightforward integration with other elements in the kitchen or bathroom.

  8. Impact Resistance: The hardness of Relay Stone Quartz makes it resistant to impact, reducing the likelihood of damage from dropped objects or heavy kitchen utensils.

  9. Customization: Relay Stone Quartz countertops can be customized to fit specific dimensions and designs, providing flexibility in achieving the desired look for a particular space.

  10. Long-Term Investment: Due to their durability and low maintenance requirements, Relay Stone Quartz countertops are often considered a long-term investment, adding value to the home and potentially reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

These benefits contribute to the popularity of Relay Stone Quartz countertop in both residential and commercial settings, particularly in areas where durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance are essential considerations.

India has many quartz countertop brands like Caesarstone Quartz, Kalinga Stone, Hafele Terra Quartz, Haique Quartz, Specta Quartz, AGL Quartz. To know more about these, (click here......)

Different | Best  Type of Quartz Kitchen Countertops Designs in India

Different | Best  Type of Quartz Kitchen Countertops Designs in India :-

  • ​Relay Stone (Luxurious Quartz)

  • Sparkle Quartz/ Crystal Quartz

  • Plain Quartz/ Mono Quartz/ Particle Quartz

  • Textured Quartz/ Cloud Quartz

  • Multi Color Quartz

  • Carara Quartz

  • Calacatta Quartz, Satuvario Quartz, Vein Quartz 

  • Terrazzo Quartz

  • Translucent Quartz

  • Leather Finish Quartz 


Relay Stone (Best Quartz Countertop In India)

Relay Stone Quartz’s exceptional durability sets it apart from its natural counterparts. It is highly resistant to scratches, chips, and other types of damage that can occur in high-traffic areas. This makes Relay Stone Quartz a top choice for kitchens and bathrooms where durability is paramount.

Sparkle Quartz/ Crystal Quartz:-

Also known as glitter or mirror flecked quartz, this type features added particles that create a sparkling effect within the surface. Sparkling quartz countertops can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the space.

Plain Quartz/ Mono Quartz/ Particle Quartz/ Solid Quartz:-

For a clean and contemporary look, solid color quartz countertops are a popular choice. They come in a wide range of colors, allowing homeowners to find the perfect match for their kitchen or bathroom design.

Textured Quartz/ Cloud Quartz

This type of quartz features timeless and versatile designs, often replicating the look of natural stones like marble or granite. Classic quartz is a popular choice for those who appreciate traditional and elegant styles.

Multi-Color Quartz

These are most popular these days. These quartz are made from the combination of 2 or 3 colors. These different color appear on single slab creates an extra ordinary impact on the kitchen.

Carara Quartz

Carara Quartz is a pattern on which a single hair like texture is developed. On this quartz, scattered hair like random strings are flowed. These strings can be of different color like golden, blue, grey, rust etc. 

Calacatta Quartz/ Satuvario Quartz/ Vein Quartz

These quartz countertops mimic the natural veining patterns found in marble or granite. This type of quartz offers the aesthetic appeal of natural stone while retaining the durability and low maintenance of engineered quartz.


Terrazzo Quartz

Terrazzo quartz countertops incorporate chips of glass, stone, or other materials into the quartz surface. This creates a unique and textured appearance, reminiscent of traditional terrazzo flooring.

Translucent Quartz

This type of quartz is engineered to allow some light to pass through, creating a translucent effect. Translucent quartz countertops can be backlit for a striking visual impact.

Leather Finish Quartz

Leathered quartz countertops have a textured, matte finish that resembles the feel of leather. This finish adds a tactile element to the surface and can be a stylish choice for various design aesthetics.

Top 7 Quartz Brands In India

Relay Stone Quartz:-

Relay Stone Quartz stands out as a representation of exceptional quality in the realm of quartz stone surfaces, setting a new standard with its impressive 18mm thickness. Designed to withstand the challenges of daily use, this quartz not only guarantees enduring durability but also emanates a timeless sense of sophistication.


Caesarstone Ltd., or Caesarstone, is a publicly traded company that engages in the production and marketing of quartz surfaces used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding and general interior design. The company was founded in 1987 and is traded on the NASDAQ in New York.


Kalinga Stone Quartz:-

Born in 2009, KalingaStone is the leading producer of engineered Marble, Terrazzo and Quartz in India. With over 200 colours spanning across a plethora of designs, the collection is nothing short of a phenomenal statement of style.

Hafele Terra Quartz:-

Crafted with German innovation and revolutionary materials, this Quartz dominated surface is designed to add an aura of luxury aesthetics. Immensely strong and highly versatile, the Hafele Terra Quartz surfaces can be used as kitchen and bathroom countertops, kitchen backsplashes and as wall-cladding. It can also find an ideal space in office reception counters, restaurant bar counters or even backsplashes and wall-claddings in hotel lobbies and rooms.

AGL Quartz:-

Established in the year 2000, AGL is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, whose dream was to create the world’s most sustainable building-materials company. Asian Granito India Ltd. has emerged as one of India’s largest ceramic companies in a short span of 23 years.


Haique Quartz:-

Haique is the world’s first fashion brand for Quartz Surfaces. Inspired by the ever-changing global culture, color trends, and living choices, Haique creates premium quartz surfaces for diverse tastes and styles. Engineered Quartz Surfaces by Haique are the largest of seamless slabs in the world. With an infusion of spectacular design, colors, and patterns, Haique quartz surfaces are designed to elevate living.

Specta Quartz:-

Specta is the waltz of imagination, technology and nature. It’s the outcome of world-class Breton technology, ARL Group’s decades of expertise in process manufacturing and leading minds coming together to create refreshing ideas for Engineered Quartz Stone Surface.

Top 7 Quartz Brands In India
Why is Relay Stone Quartz in so much demand and why modular kitchen manufacturer recommend it?

Why is Relay Stone Quartz in so much demand and why modular kitchen manufacturer recommend it?

Relay Stone Quartz kitchen countertops are in high demand due to their exceptional quality, stemming from innovative Research and Development. The Relay Stone Quartz countertops feature a unique color palette, allowing homeowners to customize their kitchen aesthetics effortlessly. The quartz product's excellence is a result of a meticulous blend of natural quartz crystals and polymer resins. The wide range of available colors and patterns in quartz slabs allows homeowners to customize their kitchen aesthetics. Relay Stone Quartz also boasts heat resistance, ensuring longevity in a high-traffic area like the kitchen. Homeowners, Relay Stone Quartz a sought-after choice for those who value quality, aesthetics, and innovation in their kitchen countertops.

A few words from Modular Kitchen Designers for Relay Stone Quartz Countertop

Modular kitchen designers praise Relay Stone Quartz countertops for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. They appreciate the unique color options, allowing for seamless integration with diverse kitchen designs. The designers highlight the innovative features and quality, emphasizing how Relay Stone Quartz elevates the overall look and feel of modern kitchens. With a nod to practicality, they acknowledge the durability of the material, standing up well against daily wear and tear. The ease of maintenance is another point that designers appreciate, as Relay Stone Quartz requires minimal effort to keep it looking pristine. Overall, modular kitchen designers often recommend Relay Stone Quartz, acknowledging its blend of style, functionality, and durability, making it a reliable choice for contemporary kitchen designs.

A few words from Architects and Interior Designers for Relay Stone Quartz Countertop

Architects and Interior Designers laud Relay Stone Quartz for its remarkable versatility, finding its application across a spectrum of design elements. From serving as a resilient kitchen countertop to enhancing bathroom aesthetics as a vanity top from quartz top, contributing to the elegance of dining tables when top is quartz, framing windows with precision as UPVC window framing especially white quartz, adorning bathroom walls with textured quartz, and elevating the aesthetic appeal of lift lobby cladding from calacatta quartz– its adaptability is a key highlight.

The inherent strength and durability of Relay Stone Quartz stand out prominently in professional circles. We Architects and designers appreciate its robust composition, ensuring longevity and resilience in diverse settings. This attribute makes it a reliable choice for surfaces that endure daily wear and tear.

Furthermore, the unique design palette offered by Relay Stone Quartz captures the attention of professionals. Quartz's diverse range of colors and patterns facilitates creative expression, allowing architects and designers to seamlessly integrate the material into various design themes.

The availability of an 18mm thickness option is a noteworthy feature, adding an extra layer of versatility. Designers value this thickness variety in quartz countertop, as it caters to different design requirements and preferences, offering flexibility in creating diverse visual aesthetics. In essence, Relay Stone Quartz emerges as a favored choice among Architects and Interior Designers for its adaptability, strength, diverse design choices, and thickness options, making it a cornerstone in crafting sophisticated interior spaces.

  • Versatile Applications Of Quartz: Architects and Interior Designers appreciate Relay Stone Quartz for its wide range of applications. It seamlessly fits as a kitchen countertop either calacatta quartz, textured quartz or mono quartz, bathroom vanity top when textured quartz, dining table surface when multi color quartz, upvc window framing when white quartz, bathroom walls when translucent quartz, and lift lobby cladding when calacatta quartz.

  • Strength and Durability Of Quartz:: The strength of Relay Stone Quartz is a standout feature noted by professionals. Its robust composition ensures longevity and resilience in various settings, providing a reliable surface for different functionalities.

  • Unique Design Palette Of Quartz:: Designers value the unique design options offered by Relay Stone Quartz. The diverse color and pattern choices allow for creative expression, enabling architects to match the material to a variety of design themes and preferences.

  • Thickness Variety Of Quartz:: The availability of 18mm thickness adds to the material's versatility. This thickness option caters to different design requirements and preferences, offering flexibility in creating diverse visual aesthetics.

In summary, Architects and Interior Designers commend Relay Stone Quartz for its adaptability, strength, diverse design choices, and the availability of different thickness options, making it a preferred choice for a range of interior applications.

How To Know The Best Price Of Quartz Countertop?

How To Know The Best Price Of Quartz Countertop?

There are a lot of factor on which the cost of quartz slab depends. It depends on the brands you choose and the area of your kitchen. Most of the quartz brands have an area of 50 sqft for one slab. It also depends on the choice of your color like quartz in mono color will cost less while quartz in texture or calacatta pattern will cost high.

Most Buy From Authorized Dealer or Supplier

When in the market for quartz countertops, it's crucial to obtain your materials from a trustworthy provider. Failing to do so could result in a subpar product. Quartz countertops consist of natural elements such as sand and minerals, and any substitution of these materials can compromise the quality. To secure the best deal on quartz countertops, ensure that the product is obtained from a reputable supplier or authorized dealer committed to company policy and terms.

Best Thickness Of The Quartz Countertop Slab

Though quartz comes in various thickness like 15mm, 18mm and 20mm. But most suitable considered is 18MM. As per the feedback of 2023, most of the modular kitchen manufacturer, interior designers, architects and UPVC manufacture, they all suggested fir 18MM

Choice of design of Quartz

Mono Quartz, Sparkle Quartz and Plain Quartz will be more affordable than veined quartz or textured Quartz. Though we choice any brand of quartz like Relay Stone Quartz, Kalinga Stone Quartz or AGL Quartz, quartz with texture and satuvario will be considered premium.

Quality and Brand

Sometime buying a cheaper quartz lets the quality down. This will cause stain and bending problrm. So, do prefer to buy quartz like Relay Stone which balance the quality and affordability.

In order to know the cost of quartz slab of Relay Stone Quartz, just click here..........

Why Relay Stone Quartz is better than other brands?

Impressive Thickness: Relay Stone Quartz boasts an exceptional 18mm thickness, setting it apart from competitors. This substantial build ensures unmatched durability and longevity, making it a superior choice for high-traffic areas.

Why is Relay Stone considered as architect's first choice in quartz?

Why is Relay Stone considered as architect's first choice in quartz?

Relay Stone Quartz is an architect's top choice due to its exceptional qualities. With an impressive 18mm thickness, it exceeds international standards, ensuring longevity and luxury. Scratch resistance and heat resilience make it ideal for diverse applications, while its uniform surface guarantees aesthetic consistency. Endorsed by leading modular kitchen manufacturers like Godrej Interio and Home Lane, Relay Stone Quartz combines durability with timeless elegance. Architects appreciate its versatility and reliability, making it a preferred material for various projects, establishing itself as a trustworthy and aesthetically pleasing choice in the architectural landscape.

Factor on which the cost of quartz countertop depends in India

How does the cost of quartz countertop depends in India For Installing In Residence?

The pricing of quartz countertops in India is contingent on several factors, including the reputation of the brand, such as Relay Stone Quartz, Caesarstone Quartz, Kalinga Stone, Hafele Terra Quartz, Haique Quartz, Specta Quartz, AGL Quartz, the intricacy of the design, dimensions, thickness, and the specific type of quartz selected. Premium brands or intricate designs may incur a higher cost, while lower-quality brands or simpler designs may be more affordable. Additional factors such as installation fees, geographical location, and market demand contribute to the overall expenses. Customization options, edge profiles, and finishes are also variables that can impact the pricing. When evaluating the cost of quartz countertops in India, it's crucial to take these considerations into account, considering local market dynamics for a comprehensive understanding.



Relay Stone Quartz emerges as the ultimate selection for stone surfaces, outperforming traditional choices like granite and marble. Its unparalleled durability, low-maintenance features, customizable options, and eco-friendly advantages position it as the unequivocal champion in the domain of stone surfaces. Elevate your surroundings with Relay Stone Quartz to witness enduring elegance and unmatched quality on your surfaces. Opt for Relay Stone Quartz for surfaces that withstand the trials of time. It goes beyond being just a stone; it embodies a declaration of excellence and style.

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